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 The NCEA has developed five comprehensive irrigation modules which are delivered as TopUP workshops aimed at extension staff, researchers and consultants. In addition NCEA staff provide technical support and mentoring to industry officers aimed at improving their capacity in delivering irrigation advice and supporting their industries. Courses cover:

•    Irrigation Fundamentals
•    Irrigation Production and Salinity
•    Surface Irrigation Optimization
•    Centre Pivots and Lateral Moves
•    Travelling Gun Irrigators.

The NCEA generally provides master class (train the trainer) training  to extension officers and industry development officers. Classes typically run over 2 days with a market linked charge per delegate, discounted for multiple delegates. Group delivery packages are also arranged on request.

Surface Irrigation Optimisation

Surface Irrigation Hydrology, Soil Infiltration Parameters, SIRMOD Operation, Identifying Improved Irrigation Practices, Field Measurement Issues

icon SIRMOD.pdf (197.93 KB) 

Irrigation Production and Salinity

Introduction to Salinity Issues in Irrigation, Effective Irrigation Systems, Soil-water and Irrigation Scheduling, Salinity and Sodicity, Distribution of Salts in the Root Zone

icon Irrigation Production and Salinity.pdf (186.88 KB) 

Irrigation Fundamentals

Introduction to Irrigation Management, Performance Measures, Soil-water Processes, Introduction to Hydraulics, Farm and Infield Performance Assessment, Characteristics of Irrigation Systems, Irrigation Scheduling.

icon Irrigation Fundamentals.pdf (185.61 KB) 

Centre Pivots/Laveral Move

General Characteristics, Planning Considerations, System Performance, Design Considerations, Sprinkler Packages, Practical Issues

icon Centre Pivots Lateral Move.pdf (181.28 KB) 


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